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Secret Agent H20

This song is about Theresa's joke about the Water Statues in the Groovy Pyramid Adventure Park.  Her Knock, Knock, Who Needs Water  Joke causes the family to be trapped in the Drought Pyramid.  They are dieing of thirst and the only way out is to get the code from

Song Intro

 Theresa: Knock, Knock Janan: Who's There'?

Theresa: Water  Janan: Water Who?  

Theresa: Who needs water anyway?

Janan: Hey, What are you doing?
Theresa: Why don't you hit this button?
No, don't touch it - Nooo!

Dad: What happened? 
- She just got sucked inside the computer

Verse 1

So here you are little Miss, H2O Dis, - You want a world with no water?Look's like you've got your wish.  Now prepare to enter, dry hot summers and snow less winters.  Now your family pays, because you can't watch the words you say

But I didn't mean it – Yeah that's not important now

You need to learn the code to get out - Only I can show you how.  But I represent water for which you showed much disrespect.  Now recognize the power of water little girl – No me no wet


Secret Agent H 2 O - Text me the message, send me the code, cause we're low -You know – Secret H 2 O

 Verse 2

So, this the part where I tell you why - Oh you're focus your mouth is dry - Motivation's dehydration so I'm obliged to give you vital information.  Water is key to your human system.  Your body's a  house and water is the foundation.  So why don't you just give up the dap, little girl

80% of your blood, and 75% of your brain - Water's doing so much  you've got the nerve to complain?  And, when your fluid drop, you are tired, without water, you will die.  Water plays a major role, from digestion, avoiding depression and even fighting disease.  Your body‘s crying for water.  Ain't you hearing?  Are you listening?  


Can you - hear your – Body Calling?
Your Body's  Calling for Water

Drink Eight Glasses A Day


Water can't fix everything, (Nope)  You have to combine with a healthy diet and exercise.  Don't forget, keep the fats on the low, sugar and salt on the low, and pick up the fruits , grains and vegetables, yo!

Copyright 2005
all rights reserved

Written & Produced By
Keith Hollandd &
Steven J. Logwood

Steven J. Logwood
Kate Higgins

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