This Is My Plan
Positive Records

Written,  Produced and Performed By
Written by
Jason Plotkin
& Steven J. Logwood

Promoting Emergency Preparedness Awareness
through Soul & Hip Hop Music

Produced By

Keith Holland, Jason Plotkin
& Steven J. Logwood

Performed By
Keith Holland
& Steven J. Logwood



Fire, tornados, hurricanes, floods
Power emergency, water emergency
Terrorism, dirty bomb, bio-terrorism, nuclear attack

We hope that nothing of the sort happens, but if it does,
I've thought it through, worked it out!

 Verse 1
It could happen in a flash, in an instant, things could get mad crazy
An emergency, is scary man and you don't won't your mind to be hazy
So, that's why I worked out my disaster action plan in advance
Because it could be life or death yo - and I might not get a second chance

Verse 2
The first thing I did was build two kits of basic supplies
One to stay put and a lightweight one if I had to fly
One gallon of water per person per day - 3 days of non perishable food
Batteries, radio, flashlight, a whistle and a couple of tools
I also packed some duct tape, garbage bags and a couple of masks,
First aid, medicine, some wipes, and two hundred dollars in cash

That's Right! - Plus important family documents, bank account records, a complete change of clothes, some bleach, a lighter, Fire Extinguisher

Verse 3
My family may not be together at the time a disaster strikes
So I developed a communications plan
so we can contact each other day and night
Who to call, where to go, and a couple of ways to get there
I've got a plan A, B and C I'm not trying to pull one out of thin air

In certain situations, we may have to shelter in place
In other worst case disaster scenarios we may have to get away
Oh I know the plans of the daycares, and the schools
and all the places my family might be

This is serious This my responsibility!



This is My Plan
 And I'm ready to take action
I'm prepared

For those of you who don't know what to do - This is my gift to you



Action I'm Ready!
You better get ready!
Why not get ready?

Everyone Should Prepare!

 Think about personal hygiene
 Prescription medications
A Sleeping bag
A  warm blanket for each person.
Paper plates, Paper cups, Utensils





The Groovy Pyramid - Music-Based Emergency Preparedness, Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project 
for more information contact:
Steven Logwood (714) 738-3558