What Are You Waiting For?

Promoting HIV/AIDS Awareness through
Soul & Hip Hop Music


This song is intended to raise awareness regarding behavior that could lead to an HIV infection
The song also encourages those who have participated in such behavior to get an HIV test.


You know, I'm not trying to hate or judge anybody. 
We all have to make our own bed and lie in it.  
But, the simple fact is, that certain behavior, and

certain activities can increase your risk of
becoming infected with

Verse 1 (High Risk Behavior Questions):

  Are you sexually active, while unprotected?
  Are you a pimp daddy running the streets?
(sleeping with all the ladies)
  Are you a lady of the night?
   (different partners every night)

You're walking on egg shells and you're playing with fire.

    Turn & Chorus (Call to Get Tested ):  
      Oh, I hope it's not you, but if it is get tested
    What are you waiting for?  
    It's better to know  

So you can know which way to go


Be sure of your health!


What are you waiting for?

  Verse 2 (High Risk Behavior More Questions):  
    Are you among the people,
sharing drug needles?

Are you feeding your addiction
with constant injections?


Don't you know your getting high
can help the virus flow?


Body Fluid Exchange
now that's real

Breakdown A (It's About Prevention):  

You can totally avoid HIV if you abstain from having sex with someone who has HIV.  
Now that's a good reason to say no.  
I'm telling you check the history of your partner, that's not player hating,
that's just playing it smart yo. 
And while latex condoms and lubricants
can reduce the risk, there's still a
possibility you could be infected.

Caution Rap  
Before you get busy with a he or a she think about the alphabets ABCD    
A is for Abstinence the one to try first, then try to  
Be Faithful if that don't work

Next, C is for the condoms when you can't resist the urge

Da Don't inject drugs and you won't get burned.

Now, I know some of you will ignore this warning
But have the common sense to get yourself


Verse 3 (Challenge to Change Behavior):


We Challenge You - To Clean It Up


We Strongly Urge You - To Do Good



Don't Let Pleasure Play Chance With Your Life  

Take A Look At Yourself – Take A Look Inside

  You know You've Got To Be Tested  

You Know What You've Done

  Verse 4 (It Doesn't Hurt to Be Sure):  

Even if you think that "it can't happen to me"
Absolutely No Way I'm Playing It Safe


Righteous Ronnie, Goody-Two-Shoe Bob,
Straight and Narrow Larry
with Little Miss Annie May


Anyone can slip
and make a wrong turn along the way

Be true to yourself
What are you waiting for? - It's better to know!

  Breakdown B
Some Statistics, Urgent Profile, Another Call for Testing):
  Today there are over one million people in the United States living with HIV.  

Up to three hundred thousand of them are unaware that they are infected.

  And every year approximately 40,000 new persons become infected with HIV  
That's why the CDC now recommends that
we increase HIV screening of patients,
including pregnant women, in
both clinical
and non-clinical settings
While the disease is still not curable,
it is treatable.  And, the earlier the disease is detected, the sooner it can be treated, and
quite simply that
extends life.

So, I'm calling on you to
Spread the Word
For Early Detection Get Tested


Over half of the all new numbers of HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the United States were for
African Americans


According to the CDC, it's a
leading cause of death among
young black women


More African American children
are living with AIDS than children of
all other races and ethnicities combined


The Groovy Pyramid
Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project

for more information contact:
Steven Logwood
(714) 738-3558


Draft Recording/Draft Lyrics

Written & Produced & Performed By Keith Holland & Steven J. Logwood
©2009 Positive Records


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