Groovy Yogurt

Written, Produced & Performed By

Keith Holland &
Steven J. Logwood

featuring the Little Dairy Girls
Dora Logwood & JME Logwood
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Intro: It's time to get your groovy on – Ha Ha - Groovy
Chorus: Groovy Groovy Yogurt - Yummy and Nutritious
Verse 1 Rap: We all need 3 dairy servings a day – That's the recommendation of the USDA
And yogurt is the best for the young and old - It can help your colon, your muscles and your bones
 You can have it plain, and go low or fat free, - BUT KNOW THAT added fruit, can add sugar calories.
It's better if you off mix in the fruit yourself - You control the taste - You can make it fresh
Verse 1:
A balance diet is what you need to be the best that you can be - Eating is the key to a healthy body
And Yogurt is a good source for dairy - and dairy is  necessary
For crucial nutrients, minerals and vitamins  - three times a day you got to get in

Verse 2:
Yogurt makes a lot of sense - In a smart food pyramid
It's nutrient dense - and the flavor's oh so, so tasty
It's milk but more digestible - and that helps your intestines - Breakdown your food  - a litter better baby

It's so groovy eating yogurt – It's so Yummy - It's so Healthy
Verse 2 Rap: 
Three times a day, three points to make - First be sure to get your dairy RDA
Second, you need know that yogurt has calcium which helps your bones
And, third, there are studies that suggest eating yogurt may help your food digest
All of that plus
protein, potassium, vitamin B , magnesium and zinc
Verse 3 –Breakdown: The Dietary Guidelines recommends 3 servings of dairy products a day
for most people especially children because their bones are still growing.  
And yogurt is an excellent source for dairy in a balanced daily diet that's easier to digest than milk.  
Moreover, the lacto bacteria in yogurt can help foster a healthy colon,  
and even lower the risk of colon cancer.
Yes, Plain yogurt combined with Fresh Fruit is both Yummy and Healthy. 
But, In general, almost all yogurt products are nutritionally superior
to other desserts such as cookies, pies and cakes
because yogurt provides your body with more nutrients such as
protein, calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium and zinc.   
The Bottom Line is that Yogurt is a very versatile food that's good for you

So enjoy!

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