Heart Truth

(By Keith Holland & Steven J. Logwood)
From the
Groovy Pyramid
Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project
2009 Positive Records Draft Preview

Intro: Can I have a moment of your time?
No, now, it's not what you think,
I not throwing you a line- It's HEART TRUTH to save your life


Verse 1 Meet Debbie Heart Disease Casualty


Meet Debbie; 42 year old African American Woman
she died last week from a fatal heart attack


Left behind two children, ten and six, a great husband,
a really good job right in the middle of project.

As you might expect, it was totally unexpected,
She was going about her life thinking youth was her protection

But she didn't realize that heart disease is the main
woman killer, the
number one cause of death even more than cancer

 Debbie, had all of the standard risk factors,
blood pressure high; she was
obese and physically inactive

Her diet was high in saturated fat, HDL low and LDL whack

If only she knew,
now she's telling me to tell you the heart truth


This is a message for your heart

And to tell you the truth Heart Truth

 It's not what we say It's all about what you will do for your heart - So put on your Red Dress and move




Verse 2
Preventing Heart Disease


The time has come for you to learn all of the things that you can do
for a
Healthy Heart


1. First, if you smoke,

you definitely
 have to

Unless you want to up your
chance of heart attack by six



Thirty minutes of exercise

Five Days a Week

3.  Diet is so important to heart health
So watch what you eat



4. Manage you weight, Know your blood pressure, Know your numbers,  Learn your cholesterol levels
 (HDL & LDL, triglycerides)



5. Talk To Your Doctor

 Get the Facts


Your Heart is Your Life

Now Move...

The Groovy Pyramid
Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project

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