Long Way Home
Written & Produced By Evan Scot Hornsby & Steven J. Logwood
Performed By Julie Delgado & Steven J. Logwood

Music-based Breast Cancer Awareness Project 2009 Positive Records Draft Preview

Intro Skit
Scream (Ah)-
Son: Mom, Mom what happened? 
Now, that's the third night in a row.  What is going on?
 I'm sorry son, I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you that
I have been having bad dreams
because I've just found out I have breast cancer

 Verse 1
Mom: It's been about a week or two, I couldn't figure out the right way,
the right to time.  How could I tell you?
Feels like I'm losing track of time,
slowly losing my mind in my nightmare scenario,

I'm far away from you, my body is so far, I'm striving,
I'm stretching but I can't reach you.
In my dreams, I'm out there all alone - And my body's so far


Narrative Turn
At first, I thought it was boil, or a just a big pimple
But the
mammogram showed a growth, I knew it wasn't good

Long way home - That's what it seems like

A nightmare dream where I'm all alone - And my body's so far

 Verse 2
If my tests show my cancer
is less than four centimeters, has not spread
and is not aggressive


There's a treatment procedure that will let me
keep my breasts, a
surgery called a lumpectomy
But if it's too big, or if there' more than one tumor
in there, I may have a
mastectomy and
lose one or both breasts,

And my lymph nodes may
need to be removed
breast reconstruction
is on my mind


What should I do?
I don't even want to think about leaving you.  I love you too much
and this cancer has me feeling like it's such a long way home


Son: Mom, why you tripping?
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States.
If you are female, you have between a one in seven or one in eight
chance of developing breast cancer during your lifetime.
Now, typical treatment plans call for surgery to
remove as much of the cancer as possible,
followed by various adjuvant or
assisting therapies such as 
radiation, chemotherapy,
and/or hormone

You've got good doctors, I'm behind you.  You can endure this treatment
You can make it home!

From the Groovy Pyramid
Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project

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