Seesaw Balance music only

(By Keith Holland & Steven J. Logwood)
From the
Groovy Pyramid
Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project
2009 Positive Records Draft Preview

The song introduces the discretionary calorie concept and it links the daily variance of discretionary calories, to life's ups and downs.  The song lyrics also list the calorie count for some popular meal items.

Performed by Sharon Perry, Kirk Taylor,  Kate Higgins & Steven J. Logwood

Chorus Seesaw Balance, We're in A, Seesaw Balance, We're In

Verse 1a
Have a seat, this is for you,
I hope you take heed.

Here's a message for life my friend,
and some groovy tools you need

Verse 1b
As we go through life, there'll be
ups and downs and although there's
tragedy there are some miracle, you see

Verse 2a
Now flip the script, I want you to focus on your plate.  There's a lot of diet and nutritional information there in your face

Verse 2b
But the main thing, is the calories you consume.  If you eat too many, you'll gain weight.
And, that's not good!
Everyone has their target calorie level.  For most of us, that's between 2000 to 3000 calories per day, depending on your age and how physically active you are.  You want to make your calorie mean something. 
  Check It!
Get the nutrients you need
from the calories you





If you exercise, you'll need more food, and you'll have choices
It's the spice of life, variety comes with control

Two to Five hundred calories you can call Discretionary
You can eat these as you please, they are your Discretionary

But know it so easy to exceed your Discretionary
So, eat the food you really need, and know which ones are



Verse 3a

Make a healthy diet part of your life, you know the time is right
Eat more fruits, more vegetables and grain, less sugar, less fat,
that's the way

Verse 3b
You'll feel good, if you exercise and drink your water all through the day
And, if you're not feeling your best, maybe you should get more rest

One Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream has
205 Discretionary Calories

Three Fried Chicken Wings
or One medium order of French Fries
Has 325 Discretionary Calories

One medium Glazed doughnut
165 Discretionary Calories

One twelve once can of soda
has 155 Discretionary Calories

If you eat too many calories,
you'll gain weight

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Music-Based Health Literacy & Health Promotion Project
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