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Academics and
Wellness Concepts



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Groovy Pyramid (Title Track)
An R&B Musical Journey through the Groovy Pyramid Adventure Park .  A Family of Four, Real Life Adventure
From the Ground Up (Eat more Fruits, Grains & Vegetables)
An Easy-Does-It  Groove Tune that will have you craving the good stuff
At Least 5 (Eat 5 to 9 Cups of Fruits & Vegetables Per Day)
5 A Day Mantra, and a Rap Message to Mom
I Can Eat a Rainbow (Vitamins, Minerals & Phytochemicals)
Upbeat Jam that advocates Color Diversity
So In Love With (Fruits &Vegetables)
A Smooth Love Song to Vegetables)
Secret Agent H 2 O (Don’t Dis’ the Water)
A Hip Hop Song that will have you Showing More Respect for Water (or Else!)
Three Times A Day (Go With Low Fat Dairy)
Be ready to Milk Bop to the One & the Two & the Three
Mean Protein (Keep It Lean, Meats, Nuts & Beans)
A Silky Intro to Protein Sources, and a Call to Trim the Fat 
Let's Get It Started (Time to Get Your Body Into Shape)
Pop, Rock, Move to the Beat
Stay Low (Fats & Oil Unwrapped)
Repeat After Me, Polyunsaturated Good, Monounsaturated, Cool
Cut Back
Trans Fat, Stay Low on Saturated Fat
Danger Zone (Oops That’s How It Happens)
Hip Hop & Hard Rock Merge To Warn You About the Bad Diet Danger Zone 
Seesaw (Balance in Life – Discretion in Diet)
This melodic ballad gently delivers the “Know Your Discretionary Calories” message.
Close Your Eyes And Fall (Get Your Rest My Friend)
A Soulful Lullaby That Hypes the Benefits of Adequate Sleep
My Pyramid (Where Do I Go From Here?)
A R&B Listing of Nutritional Resources 
Heart Truth (Heart Health)
You Should Know (Diabetes Love Song Awareness)
You'll Never Know (Diabetes Love Song, Symptoms)
Empowered (Living with Diabetes)
Up Down All Around (A Visit to the Diabetes Doctor)
Long Way Home (A Single Mom tells her Son she has Breast Cancer)


King Peace Snippet (from Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute)
Letter From A Jail Cell (Birmingham Letter)
King Peace Reprise Snippet (Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute)


Grab and Go (Dairy Literacy and the New Look of Milk)  
Start Smart (School Breakfast Promotion)

Start Smart (School Breakfast Promotion - Free)


Delicioso Y Nutritivo (Flavored Milk Jingle)
Delicious and Nutritious (Flavored Milk Jingle)

Tres Veces Al Dia(Go With Low Fat Dairy)

Be ready to Milk Bop to the One & the Two & the Three

Finally Dad Getting Little Daughter to Drink Milk (Skit)


At Least 5(Fruits & Vegetable)


More Matters (Fruits & Vegetable)
















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