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SeeSaw Danger Zone Stay Low

Stay Low

This song is about fats and oils.  It tries to link the consumption of fat to heart disease and high blood pressure.  The song ends with a Chant Slogan.  !
Polyunsaturated - COOL - Monounsaturated - GOOD - CUT BACK Trans Fat
STAY LOW - On Saturated Fat

Song Intro

Janan: Dad, you're always eating the big sandwich, the triple cheeseburger, the super  hoagie, the foot long cheese dog, with super sized fries.  Come on, Daddy, do you know how many grams of fat that is?  That's about 300 grams of fat, man.! 

You see Dad; we don't want you to get sick.  You know granddaddy died of a heart attack, and grandma had high blood pressure.  That's why you've got to stay low - You got to change some things

Verse 1

Contrary to popular opinion we all can use a little oil and fat.   A healthy diet needs essential fatty acids, and a major source of vitamin E is fat.  But the problem is not too little, but too much of the wrong kind of fat.  So educate yourselfHere is something you need to know - You've got to stay low. 

Verse 2

The first step to controlling fat, is knowing where it's at.  Some fat is easy to see and some fat's in food invisibly.  You got to make yourself aware.  Check the label and don't be scared.  You can't stop - If you don't know

Breakdown A

The Food Label is mandated law.  So learn it, and then use it.  You don't need more than 65 grams of fat per day.  So add them up on a per serving basis.
What's your fat total today?

Breakdown B

Know you pyramid.  Try to get the proper amount of nutrients from the food you consume, by eating more fruits, grains and vegetables.  And keep your protein lean and your dairy low fat.  And don't forget to drink water, rest and exercise.  Stay low man, that's where it's at

Breakdown C

Polyunsaturated - Cool - Monounsaturated - Good - Cut back Trans Fat

Stay Low - On Saturated Fat

Breakdown D

Solid fat is found mostly in food from animals

Oil from fish and nuts and vegetables oils

do not raise the  [LDL] or bad cholesterol levels in the in the blood

Foods from the ground have no cholesterol

That's how you can stay low


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Written & Produced By
Keith Holland &
Steven J. Logwood

Dana Montero
Kate Higgins
Steven Logwood


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