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Mean Protein

This song is about protein sources.  The song is intended to promote eating lean meats, nuts and beans.

Mean Protein Live Performance Video


Draft Lyrics

Song Intro

Janan: UmmmUh, sure smells good up in here.  What's that?
Chef Lean: 
That grilled boneless chicken.  Janan: And,what's that?   Chef Lean:  That's broiled steak, extra lean with the fat trimmed.
Janan: Oh I get it.  Everything up here, is kinda lean.
Chef Lean: 
You've got that hat right.

Verse 1

Everyday of your life protein carries calories baby.  It's for your bones, your blood and your skin, and the muscles in your body,


To get your Mean Protein - Meats, Nuts and Beans.

Verse 2

How many times do you think of the nutrients you need?  Is it daily?    Or are you just in it for the flavor?   Food should be about more than good taste.  Your health is tied to what you just ate.  Check your diet, and know why you eat and where to go - To get your Mean

And as a matter of fact, protein is a building block and a catalyst.  The main component of your organs and glands , and it helps your cells grow and maintain...So


Your diet can provide some proteins that your body can't make.  These are called essential amino acids.  You can get all the aminos acids from a variety of meats, but you should keep your portions small and you should keep your meat lean.  TRIM THE FAT!  Meats also provide heme-iron and certain fish have omega-3 fatty acids which help KEEP your cholesterol levels low.

And don't forget to mix in the nuts and beans for fiber, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients and for proteins


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Written & Produced By
Evan Scot Hornsby &
Steven J. Logwood

Keith Holland
Kate Higgins
Steven Logwood
J Plot

Louis Van Taylor


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