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Close Your Eyes & Fall

This song is about sleep and adequate rest.  It describes the various stages of sleep, and quantifies the amount of sleep generally required per day.SO GET YOURS

Verse 1

Want to have a good day, then start with your night.  Close your eyes, sleep tight.  Lay your body down.  You've got to slow it down.   Seven to Nine hours is what you need 

Rebuilding, Repairing, Restoring, Energizing
the benefits of continuous quality sleep


Close your eyes and fall, close your eyes and fall fast asleep
Close your eyes and fall, Close your eyes and fall

Verse 2

It's a twenty four hour circadian clock, a daily body rhythm that makes you tired at night so you fall into a Stage 1 Groove,

You're lightly sleeping, Half Awake.

Next, you slip into Stage 2.
Your temperature's down and you disengage
Then, you drift into Stage 3 and Stage 4,
and that's the sleep your body needs more.
 So Close Your Eyes and Fall


Verse 3

And when you're a child, you need your rest to grow.  Off to sleep you go.  And, even when head a family,  you can't go 24 7.
You need your rest too!




Yes sleep is important.  It's a basic necessity of life, that is as important to our physical and mental health as air, food and water, and exercise.   When you're asleep, your body recoups, it revitalizes itself.  Enough sleep is the amount of sleep you need to not feel sleepy.  Generally that's 7 to 9 hours per night. 
So, Get's yours, Now, that's Groovy


Copyright 2006
all rights reserved

Written & Produced By
Keith Holland &
Steven J. Logwood

Kirk Taylor
Kate Higgins


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