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Draft Lyrics


Ah yeah - Milk does a body good  - For Your Bones

And the one, then the two, to the three

 Top Chorus

Oooh oooh Three Times a Day

Now that's what I need Milk Three times a day

Verse 1 Rap

Everyday your body needs nutrition - You can think of it like ammunition

To keep your body growing - Keep your body flowin - and flat out yo keep body going

And milk's been there since 4K BC - With the calcium and added Vitamin D

And that's real good for your bones - And so much more than you know yo


Well, if you want to grow - You've got to nourish your bones

And when you're young, it's extra critical

And, Even when you get old - You've got to maintain your bones - Cause if you don't

Oh no

Main Chorus

Oooh oooh Threes Times a Day - Now, that's what's I need Milk Three times a day

And the one, then the two, to the three

Oooh oooh Threes Times a Day - Its your body baby - Three Times a Day

Verse 2 Rap

With so many ways that you can get it - It's a fact you can definitely fit it

Into your diet, don't deny it - Why not one two three try

Cause quite a few ya'll are coming up short - According to a USDA report

A report that had me thinking that there's something you're not drinking

I get one with morning cereal - Or I can do fruit and yogurt yo

And I like to splurge on nonfat ice cream - Pineapples and cottage cheese

One slice of Swiss on that turkey sandwich please

Plus a side of those dark green leafy things

You check the facts - it's a good way to go


Nutrient Breakdown

Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Potassium, Niacin, Riboflavin, Phosphorus and Protein

All these nutrients are necessary

And for those of you who are thinking about fat

You don't even have to trip about that

You can go 2%, 1% nonfat and baby that's where it's at

You know, I don't care where you get them,

In fact, there are many ways to get the right nutrients

Check it, it's all part of a balance diet

Combined with fruit, grain, meats and poultry, and vegetables

And don't forget about exercise

You're on your way to a healthier you

I just want you to know 

All rights reserved


Written & Produced By
Evan Scot Hornsby,
Steven J. Logwood

& Charlotte Ferrell
Keith Holland
Alice Echols
Steven Logwood

Louis Van Taylor


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