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Let's Get It Started

This song is about procrastination and it's about starting an exercise program.  It emphasizes starting slow, but the main point of the song is to promote getting started, NOW


Draft Lyrics

Verse 1a

Okay, it's me and you.  We're in the same boat and it's just us two

It's sink or swim baby, What's you're gonna do?

I'm jumping in, now.  How about you?

Verse 1b

There are times in your life when you become lackadaisical for the physical.

Lovin lazy days has got to change.  It's time to get your body into shape


Let's Get Started Now - I know you hear me - Let's Get Started Now

 Verse 2a

Don't you worry we're starting real slow and real easy so you can't say no.

So, lift a finger.  Now pick your leg up.  Twist your waist and try to keep your head up

Take a walk a little or run until you sweat.  It's cardio aerobics baby

The best you can get

Is it too much to ask, for thirty minutes a day to save your life?


Verse 3 

Breakdown Rap

So you want to know what the connection is between diet and exercise?  You it's common sense, it should be obvious.  Can you say more lung capacity? Better breathing, enhanced heart function, improved blood flow, better muscle tone, that helps your skeleton, and it helps your digestive system, and it helps you live longer goofy. 

No pain, No Gain1

Verse 3

Move you body more.  Eat right, Eat Less, And don't forget baby, to get enough rest

Exercise can help you take more breaths.

And if you drink more water, that's the Groovy Groovy Best.  

 If you're trying to manage a growing weight, exercise 60 to 90 minutes a day

Know your job is tougher if you wait.  But that's okay, because it's never too late

 You Can't Quit - You Can Do It –You Won't Quit - Just Get Started – Don't Give Up – Never Give Up, Come Join With Me, Let's Get It Started Now

You Can't Quit - You Can Do It, I Know You Can - You Won't Quit – If You Only Get Started – Don't Give Up – Never Never, Let's Go, Let's Get It Started Now


all rights reserved

Written & Produced By
Keith Holland &
Steven J. Logwood

Roxy Sakura
Keith Holland
Steven J. Logwood

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