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From the Ground Up

This song is intended to promote increased consumption of fruits, grains and vegetables.


Draft Lyrics

Intro Hook

Never get enough - You can never get enough - You should never get enough of it - From the ground

 Verse 1

In the morning, the best time to eat - Energy calling - Cause you're up on you're feet

And what to do your body needs a boost, So go with vegetable, grain and fruit

In the afternoon You're in my mid day flow - Try to keep it light  - Cause you're still on the go

In the evening, It the same old thing you do - - Because you should  never get enough it


 From The Ground Up - Fruits, Grains and Vegetables

Why not have yourself some more

From The Ground Up From the Ground, Nutrition from the ground

Verse 2

Fruits and vegetables help in many ways - To give our bodies vitamins C, E and A

And other important nutrients, that every human body needs

So we can be all we can be

I'm loving the grain, and yes I like it whole

Cause that's my fiber that keeps my digestion gold

And grain has more things, like magnesium, iron and zinc

And plenty of vitamin B


With a healthy diet as part of your life

Combined with regular exercise

If you reduce your fat, salt and sugar and increase your water, fruits, vegetable and grains

You're gonna feel better, and you can control your weight


So take it from me

You should be watching what you eat

You don't have to have all the fat, You can cut back on the sweets

Fruits, grains and vegetables is what your body really need

That's the secret recipe

AdLib Outro Vamp Lines

Tomatoes from the ground

Potatoes from the ground

And since trees are planted in the ground  I can say

Apples from the ground, peaches from the ground

Copyright all rights reserved

Written & Produced By
Dan Farrow
Steven J. Logwood

Keith Holland
Kate Higgins

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