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Groovy Pyramid School Intervention Classroom Curriculum Outline (draft version)

First Use Music to Break the Ice

Playing the Groovy Pyramid is an innovative way to bring up the subjects of Diet and Fitness.  The songs serve as Melodic Messengers that deliver nutritional information in a consumable format.  The tracks are well structured, and they're so Jammin, you'll think you're listening to Positive Radio.

Follow-Up With Discussion

Now that the Door is Open, Walk In.  Each song comes with a list of Follow-up Discussion Questions.  You can use the GP Questions to reflect on your own Diet and Fitness Status, or you can lead a Group or Family Rap Session.  Now, that's GROOVY!

Follow-Up With Action

Don't just Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk. The Groovy Pyramid Activity Set is loaded with FUN Activities for ALL levels (child to adult). 
The Step-By-Step Activity Guides lead you through each Exercise.    And, the You Create Activities, challenge you to Develop Your Own Diet and Fitness Program using the music of the Groovy Pyramid (or any song you want!).  You'll see that when you add music, it becomes FUN!.

If Required Get Help

You're NOT ALONE!   We know that it's NOT an EASY thing to control one's Diet.  And it's definitely not easy, to begin a Fitness Program.   But, you should know, that if you need help for your family, group or company, you can can call on The Groovy Pyramid NetworkThe GP Network is team of Diet and Fitness Professionals.   The GP Network is also a Consortium of Synegetic Companies, and Products that can help you in the areas of Food and Nutrition Education, Food Preparation, Menu Planning, Food Safety, Budgeting and Shopping.

 The Groovy Pyramid Wellness Series is a series of Workshops, Seminars and Educational Presentations designed to help companies, agencies and organizations JAZZ-UP their internal Weillness Programs.  The GP Presentations are fun interactive sessions that take full advantage of the extra incentive music lends to participation.

You can also call upon a myriad of federal, state and local resources that your can utilize to educate yourself and to receive support in your Diet and Fitness Endeavors..  Start with



If You Can, Why Not Help Us?

We on a mission to to raise public awareness about Diet Concepts, Obesity, and Fitness using Contemporary Music.  If you have a similar charge, let's work together.  Our expertise is in making Cool Music about Academics, Health Care Awareness, History and Social Improvement Concepts.  We'd like to lend this expertise to your cause, program or campaign.  In return, you can support us in any number of ways, from endorsement, to donating our products to children, to sponsorship, or simply by spreading the word.



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