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At Least 5 I Can Eat A Rainbow So In Love 

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One two three four-five - six seven eight nine - At least five times,- You should strive for seven eight nine

Verse 1

Say hey! - Did you get word?  I wanna make sure tell me have you heard?

Eating more vegetables and lots of fruits - Can help you live longer.

And, it helps protect you.

Helps your body prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes

Clearing urinary tracts help you see, & avoid certain types of cancer

That's why you need


At Least Five Times, - You Should Strive for Seven Eight Nine

Fruits Vegetable Sure Taste Great – They're Good For You Try to Make Them It Half Your Plate,

Verse 2

The research in done and the results are in.  We have to change our diet if we're gonna win

We're getting sick and gaining weight.  So, the HHS and the USDA

Recommended five to nine but evidence shows we're less than four at this time

We got to update our grub routine to include more vegetables - And more fruit


Verse 3 – Message to Mom

If you're a Mom here a message to you - The food is so good, what we're going to do

And you put it on table is that not true - So, am I right our insides is because of you

You told me to eat it, so I ate it all

And now people are saying my stomach looks like a basketball

it's up to you to lean meat, more fruit, less fat, less soda, more 100% juice

More vegetables, less fries and chips,

More fruits as snacks, more vegetable sides to dig in

Slice some bananas in my oatmeal bowl -

And fruit kabobs taste yummy when their frozen cold

Salad goes great with the evening meal and it's even tastier when fruit is mixed in

My diet is basically controlled by you, so I'm counting on you - to get me



Yo I hate to be a downer, but you need to know that - Diet and Physical Inactivity contributes to the death of up to a half million people each year.  That's why we should all get regular exercise and eat a balanced healthy diet

Which includes all the necessary nutrients  from low fat dairy sources, grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats, nuts and beans.

Be diet careful - Keep track of the amount of fat, salt, sugar & discretionary calories you  consume each day.   And remember get your rest my friends and try to drink eight to ten glasses of water per day

Ad Libs

To Help You Grow - To Fight Disease - - If You Love Your Body –For Vitamin A, E & C

For Calcium, Folate, Potassium and Dietary Fiber -  For Phytochemicals - To Lower Cholesterol

To Avoid Cancer


Written & Produced By
Evan Scot Hornsby &
Steven J. Logwood

Keith Holland
Steven Logwood


Louis Van Taylor


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